“I enjoy the flexibility and amount of activities the Smile 4 Kids club puts together. As someone with a very busy schedule, it was very important to me to find a club that is accepting of members who cannot make every meeting or social event. S4K has been one of these clubs because they encourage you to come to as many meetings and events as you can, however, they understand completely when you cannot make it. With that being said, if you find that you cannot make a certain event or a meeting, don’t worry because S4K does such a great job of having numerous events throughout the semester with a variety of different organizations. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the S4K club and look forward to my future as a member of the club!”


“Jay was super nice at the St. Vincent Halloween party! Even though things didn’t exactly go to plan and the situation was a bit stressful, he handled it really well.”


“One thing that I enjoy about Smile 4 Kids is that the club is centered on helping others and volunteering in the community, which I really love. Also, Jessie, the president of Smile 4 Kids, is one of the nicest people I have ever met and she really cares about everything that she does and the people that she meets.”

Ashley D.

“Smile 4 Kids does exceptional work for kids and within the community. I joined because I feel that an important part of my life is being able to give back. Smile 4 Kids has been such great incorporation into my life, and every executive board member has made me feel nothing short of welcomed. I highly recommend Smile 4 Kids to anyone who wants to do something small to help out, or to do something bigger. The participation is not forced on you and is all pertaining to your schedule, so you spend as little or as much time volunteering and attending events. But I have learned the more I have participated in, the greater the reward I feel from going out of my way to bring good into other people’s lives.”

Leah K.

“I joined Smile 4 Kids because I have a passion for foster care and plan to be a foster parent someday. Smile 4 Kids volunteers with a local foster home and what I love the most is that we can feel like we directly brightened some kid’s day!”


“Smile 4 Kids is a volunteer-based club that I really enjoy. It bases its whole stance on helping children in the community who need it. I hoped to join this club to be able to make a difference in this community and this club totally fulfills this mission!!”


“At first, Smile 4 Kids started out as just a club I joined for volunteering. But I soon began to love the things this club does and this club offers a lot! I love helping out at events, the people are always so nice, and the board members do a great job with everything. You can make lots of friends through the volunteering and it’s for amazing causes, too.”

Sara M.

“One thing I love about Smile 4 Kids MSU is that the club can help so many kids by making it a fun experience for volunteers, all while spreading the love of the man that this club was founded for.”

Kunal S.

“I really love how there are so many different opportunities for everyone. Especially for underclassmen who don’t have access to a car, it’s nice that there is stuff on campus to participate in and the executive board always offers rides for volunteer opportunities off campus.”


“Playing kickball with the kids last year and seeing how much they enjoyed the extra company and didn’t want everyone to leave.”


“Smile 4 Kids has provided me an easy and reliable way to continually make a positive impact on everyone we interact with. It helps you grow as a person and it truly makes you feel better knowing that a small sacrifice has made someone else’s day better.”

Bryan B.

“My reason for joining is that I really care about kids. I know that when my brother had cancer when he was 14 and I was 8, having a group like Smile 4 Kids was beneficial to me and my brother and I appreciated it a lot. Makes you feel loved and not alone.”

Brittney L.

“I love making cards for children in the hospital, because although it may seem like a simple thing for us to do – it can change a child’s entire mindset about a day, a week, etc. around!”


“One thing I love about Smile 4 Kids is how often we get to interact with the kids and get to see first-hand how big of a difference we can make in their lives. We get to bring joy into a kid’s life and have fun while doing it.”

Makenzie V.

“One of my favorite experiences as being a member of Smile 4 Kids has been being able to visit the children at St. Vincent. Playing games and seeing them all having so much fun makes me so happy!”


“I joined Smile 4 Kids in order to make a positive impact on the lives of children in our surrounding area with just simple acts! I enjoy Smile 4 Kids because it provides me with many opportunities to help those around me and be the chance I want to see in the world.”

Kate H.